Thermomix Bacon and Eggs Benny Pizza

by Tenina Holder
posted 24 Mar, 2020 (last updated 08 Jun, 2020)
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    Total Time
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This recipe is a remix of a classic brunch dish – eggs Benedict – paired uniquely with a pizza base instead of English muffins. It has all of the elements that make a decadent brunch plate: salty bacon, creamy Hollandaise, and a gooey fried egg. It's a fun, indulgent and a treat like no other. This creation was made to be enjoyed with a group, and open to interpretation, so don't hold back on any other beloved brunch ingredients like smoked salmon, spinach or mushrooms.



  • Parmesan cheese icon
    Parmesan cheese
    1.76oz/50g (about 5¼ tbsp)
  • Mozzarella cheese icon
    Mozzarella cheese
    1.76oz/50g (about ½)
  • Egg icon
    4 (7.05oz/200g)
  • Dried yeast icon
    Dried yeast
    2 tsp (0.28oz/8g)
  • Golden caster sugar icon
    Golden caster sugar
    1 tsp (0.15oz/4g)
  • Sea salt icon
    Sea salt
    1 tsp (0.23oz/6g)
  • Water icon
    10.14fl oz/300g (1¼ cups)
  • Extra virgin olive oil icon
    Extra virgin olive oil
    0.74fl oz/20g (1½ tbsp)
  • Bread flour icon
    Bread flour
    17.64oz/500g (about 4⅛ cups)
  • Marinara sauce icon
    Marinara sauce
    3.19fl oz/100g (½ cup)
  • Bacon icon
    8 slices (None)
  • Fresh chives icon
    Fresh chives
    as needed


  1. Pre-heat oven - 220°C
  2. Pre-heat a clean pizza stone oven
  3. Add dried yeast, golden caster sugar, sea salt, water and extra virgin olive oil to the TM5 bowl
  4. Fit TM5 bowl to TM5
  5. Heat - approx 2 min, 37°C, speed 2
  6. Then add bread flour to the TM5 bowl
  7. Mix - approx 2 min, dough
  8. Transfer content of TM5 bowl to work surface
  9. Roll into a ball
  10. Let rise - 30 min
  11. Divide into quarters with dough scraper and cover
  12. Let rise - 10 min
  13. Roll out into a circle
  14. Add parmesan cheese and mozzarella cheese to the TM5 bowl
  15. Chop - approx 10 sec, speed 10
  16. Arrange cheese mixture in dough
  17. Roll dough over to cover the cheese and pinch dough to seal it
  18. Spread with marinara sauce
  19. Add bacon to the dough
  20. Cook - 8 min, 220°C
  21. Top with egg and fresh chives
  22. Serve

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