Vegetarian Thermomix Meals

Find vegetarian Thermomix recipes for every occasion. Rich and creamy hands-free risottos for date-night, fragrant spicy tofu to battle take-out cravings, spicy enchiladas for a week of meal-prep. Eating meat-free has never been easier.

Bowl of thick chickpea minestrone soup served with charred bread and fresh basil

Hearty Chickpea Minestrone with Pesto

This Hearty Chickpea Minestrone Soup is an endlessly delicious vegan soup to have on your rotation if you cater for any non-meat eaters regularly. Chickpeas are high in protein and leave you full for hours, whilst the warming tomato base is perfect for carrying the herbs and vegetables. This recipe can't be beaten for lunch or dinner on a cold Winter's eve. It can be frozen for future use as well, or kept for lunches next day. Unbeatable!

Bowl of charred red and orange buffalo cauliflower florets with lime and dip

Cauliflower Buffalo Wings

What do vegetarians eat on game day? Or when they want a crispy, bright, spicy and tart meal? Or when you want to eat more vegetables but don't want to compromise on taste? Cauliflower Buffalo Wings is the answer to all of these questions and likely many prayers. Kids will love these as they have the air of "fun dinner" but are still very much a vegetable. They take less than an hour and are perfect for afternoon snacks served with crudités for bonus points.

Flat circular tart with cheese tomato red onion drizzled with pistachio oil garnished with thyme

Cheese Onion and Tomato Tart

Feel free to use your pastry of choice for this recipe, store bought is fine – but we do have a plethora of Thermomix friendly pastries in our recipe collection, just in case you were curious. We used shortcrust for this Cheese, Onion and Tomato Tart which makes it closer to a galette than anything, as its structure is the simplest form of flat and folded. With creamy ricotta, salty parmesan and nutty gruyère this really is a cheese tart with some extras involved. It's a rustic and savory meal, perfect for light Summer dinners dining al fresco.

Rectangular serving tray of beetroot and lentil salad with mint and feta

Lentil Salad with Mint Beetroot and Feta

If you're trying to eat more vegetables and not make any concessions on taste, if you're a vegetarian and sick of leafy salads, our recipe for Lentil Salad with Mint, Beetroot and Feta will lead the way for you! It's got an exhaustive list of health benefits from all its raw vegetables, with a hint of sweetness from balsamic and a touch of tang from the dressing. Top with feta – because no salad is complete without cheese – and enjoy.

Ramekin with creamy pumpkin and walnut pate with a cap of butter and crackers

Pumpkin and Walnut Pate

Fine dining has never been quite welcoming to vegetarians, or anyone considerate of their health, but luckily with a little imagination at home you can feel like you're eating haute cuisine without any of the drawbacks. This is why we came up with Butternut Squash and Walnut Pate, a creamy and lavish spread for before or after dinner. This will take you only 40 minutes and is super straightforward, and can also be modified to vegan diets by removing butter. What more could you ask of the humble pumpkin?

Two bowls filled with vegetarian jambalaya with risoni mixed vegetables and herbs

Risoni Vegetarian Jambalaya

Jambalaya is a dish native to New Orleans, known for its bewitching Cajun and Creole cuisine. This dish almost always contains meat in some shape or form, and so we thought it only fair to create something that all could enjoy, and thus was born our Risoni Vegetarian Jambalaya. Instead of rice we use risoni, which is rice shaped pasta, not dissimilar to orzo. The final product is a filling, spicy and completely compelling dish that will have even the most resolute carnivores asking for seconds.

Baby carrots on a bed of spiced yogurt with pomegranate seeds drizzled with oil and fresh parsley

Sous Vide Carrots with Spiced Yoghurt

These Sous Vide Carrots with Spiced Yoghurt will steal the spotlight from any main course. Their bright orange color, punctuated by pomegranate seeds, served on a bed of spiced yogurt will allure everyone before they even taste them. They're moist and tender without becoming overcooked – the ultimate goal of sous vide. For the yoghurt, don't forget to season to taste, and add any fresh herbs you might have on hand to really give it a boost.

Various sized brown mushrooms baked with ricotta and pesto served on a baking tray

Pesto Baked Mushrooms with Ricotta

There is almost nothing that can't be improved by stuffing it full of cheese and pesto, and these baked mushrooms are no exception to that rule. These can't be beaten as neat vegetarian starter; they're quite pleasing to the eye when they come straight from the oven in their mismatched sizes looking sumptuous and ready to be devoured. The meatiness of the mushrooms lay a great savory base on which to layer with creamy ricotta and fragrant pesto, then baked to pull out some of the mushroom's moisture so they don't become soggy.

Cross section of lasagne shows sheets of pasta quinoa mushrooms and melted cheese

Quinoa and Mushroom Lasagna

Probably one of the biggest drawbacks to being a vegetarian is missing out on lasagne. The famed Italian layered dish of pasta, béchamel, a tomato based ragù and the crunchy, bubbly cheese on top really is top-tier cooking. Luckily for vegetarians with Thermomixes, we have the solution for you. The inclusion of shiitake mushrooms will give a profoundly umami flavor and act well as a meat substitute, however they do take hours to rehydrate, so you will need to know well in advance that lasagne is on the menu.

Black bean chilli with quinoa feta sweetcorn and fresh parsley served with avocado

Black Bean and Quinoa Chilli

Our Black Bean and Quinoa Chili is a fantastic option for weeknights and meal prep, as well as being suitable for vegetarians. The beans will need 2 hours to soak, so throw them into a bowl of water in advance of dinner time to give yourself a head start. Everything else is quite simple, and aside from serving with your carbohydrate of choice, is actually a one pot dish. It's remarkably filling with a great kick of heat, and a great healthy option for lunches and dinners.

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