Thermomix Sauces

Discover exciting flavors in these simple yet flavorful Thermomix sauces that are sure to enhance your cooking. This collection introduces homemade sauces that add depth to your meals, from Italian to Thai. Surprise yourself with how easily you master them, and how quickly you forget store-bought!

Ornamental bowl of red and orange sweet chili sauce with serving spoon

Keto Sweet Chilli Sauce in Thermomix

If you're often shocked by the sheer volume of sugar and salt in store bought sauces, this Keto version of the famous Thai Sweet Chili Sauce is for you. It will take the guesswork out knowing what's in your food and ensure that you don't have to question why something is so delicious – because you made it! This sugar-free recipe is suitable for a ketogenic (low-carb) diet as it has no sugar, and few ingredients overall. Simply throw all your ingredients into your Thermomix and blend until the consistence is as desired. Magic.

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Bulbous glass jar of red keto pizza marinara sauce with fresh vine tomatoes

Keto Pizza Marinara Sauce in Thermomix

Commercial tomato sauces and passata tend to have surprisingly high added sugars – primarily to balance the taste of often quite acidic tomatoes, as well as preserving the sauce for a longer shelf life. Making your own sauces, be they for pasta, pizza or anything else is a much healthier, tasty alternative to buying in-store. Serendipitously, we have a Thermomix recipe for such a sauce, which requires little more than a tin of tomatoes and some dried herbs, almost all of which you will have in your pantry. So throw this together in mere minutes for a healthy and flavorsome alternative.

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Blue ceramic bowl filled with reddish orange enchilada sauce and chunks of chicken

Best Ever Keto Enchilada Sauce in Thermomix

This lively Enchilada Sauce is one that will spice up Mexican night. It requires a few special ingredients like xanthan gum and dried Guajillo chilies – but they're worth hunting down in advance. If you don't have the time nor the inclination to seek them out, simply substitute for alternative thickening agents (gelatine) or any chili of your choice. We love Guajillo for their unique sweet and smoky flavor, but you can use more accessible ones like chipotles in adobo or anchos. However you make it, this low-carb, high flavor Keto sauce will surely impress.

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Chunks of chicken drizzled with creamy garlic sauce with fresh green herbs

Skinnymixer’s Creamy Garlic Sauce

Stuck for dinner inspiration but don't want to compromise on flavor, yet haven't given it much advanced thought? If you have some fresh herbs and garlic you're essentially halfway finished making this Thermomix Creamy Garlic Sauce. With plenty of wiggle room to accommodate your pantry's stock, and only 8 minutes of cook time, this secret sauce might end up saving your dinner from blandness. With a silky texture and potent garlic flavor, this goes hand in hand with steaks, seafood or potatoes, and anything that needs a bump in flavor and moisture. Grab whatever herbs you may have and get mixing!

Bright red puttanesca sauce with chunks of pepper olives and onion with fresh basil

Skinnymixer’s Rich Puttanesca Sauce

This Rich Puttanesca Sauce is the ideal weeknight workhorse that will please everyone (including the chef with limited time and energy) and materialise in minutes. It's a healthy, hearty sauce that has incredible versatility for meat, fish, carbs, vegetables and even eggs if you'd like to give it a whirl for breakfast! This Thermomix recipe is a great starting point for making it your own, so feel free to get other vegetables, herbs and spices involved as you cook. As well as this, if you're into batch cooking, you can freeze this in portions and simply defrost when you need it.

Earthy brown mushroom gravy with slices of sauteed mushrooms in a gravy boat

Skinnymixer’s Mushroom Gravy

This Mushroom Gravy is the supreme accompaniment for all hearty dinners. Switch things up from more traditional beef or chicken gravy that's just as silky and umami. This Thermomix creation makes a salty, dark and earthy pouring sauce, perfect for cosy Winter dinners and any form of potato's best friend. Vegetarians rejoice – this is a flexible recipe that's easily made vegetarian or even vegan, simply swap out butter and beef stock for olive oil and vegetable stock. A welcome addition to any dinner table or Sunday lunch – so consider doubling up as it is undeniably addictive.

Bowl of coarse mustard yellow balinese peanut satay sauce garnished with fresh red chili

Balinese Peanut Sauce or Satay Sauce in Thermomix

Expertly blend together the nutty, spicy and savory notes of this famous Balinese Peanut Sauce with ease and speed in your Thermomix. In less than 10 minutes you can have either a dipping sauce for starters and snacks, a perfect Summer salad dressing or the makings of a tasty and satisfying (aren't you glad we didn't say satay-sfying?) dinner. Such a versatile recipe that can be shaped for any meal and will ensure empty plates for a broad audience. Kick it up a notch by adding as many chilis as your taste buds can handle!

Thermo Kitchen
White bowl of pale yellow cheese sauce with flecks of ground black pepper

Thermomix Cheese Sauce

What could possibly be better than cheese itself? Only a gooey, molten cheese sauce that you can drizzle over vegetables, bake macaroni in or fill lasagne layers with! Adding this Thermomix Cheese Sauce to your repertoire is both a great and terrible idea; as soon as you make it, it won't be far from your mind – and likely called up from the bench often thereafter. Make this your own by choosing your favorite cheese, some additional spices and whatever you deem best to use it with. A simple and unmissable recipe for enhancing weeknight dinners and beyond.

White bowl of light yellow tartare sauce topped with handfuls of fresh parsley

Skinnymixer’s Tartare Sauce

Take the plunge into making your own condiments – they will amplify all the flavors in your meals and take your cooking to the next level. This could not be better exemplified by this Thermomix Tartare Sauce, a fresh and herby mayonnaise based dipping sauce. Known best for its pairing with Fish & Chips, this homemade version is much more than a one trick pony, so you can (and should) use it for grown up dinners and even potatoes that aren't fried, too.

Grilled chicken breast covered in white creamy wholegrain mustard sauce served with asparagus

Skinnymixer’s Creamy Mustard Sauce

If Creamy Mustard Sauce isn't one you use when you can't think of what to make, we have amazing news for you. You can now peer into a near-empty fridge and still come away, minutes later, with one of the tastiest and most satisfying dinners around. Such a delicious sauce, in fact, that it goes with really anything you can find – pasta, meat, vegetables – you name it. Toss your ingredients into your Thermomix and let it do the hard work, pour yourself a glass of wine, and put on the pasta. Finish this sauce with a dash of golden pasta water for extra binding and creaminess.


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