Thermomix Holiday Favorites

Have a hassle-free holiday season with these easy and impressive Thermomix recipes! Make a stunning dinner for a crowd and follow it up with irresistable desserts.

Thick lamb of leg with pesto crust garnished with herbs whole cherry tomatoes and potatoes

Thermomix Pesto Lamb Roast

Sunday roast has never looked so good! Our top tip for cooking lamb is a dual cooking method; steaming first to render out some fat and retain moisture, then roast in the oven for the perfect textural finish on the outside. Ten minutes before finishing, top with your Thermomix-made pesto until a crust forms and emits an aromatic smell, and don't skip resting the meat for 20 minutes (covered) before serving. This is important to let the proteins relax, and give it a much better texture – don't worry, it will stay hot. Serve with roasted veg to a suitably impressed audience.

Pink lobster halves covered in melted cheese seasoned with sprigs of thyme and lime wedges

Thermomix Lobster Mornay

Our Lobster Mornay recipe makes haute cuisine accessible with the use of a Thermomix and some good, old fashioned French cooking. Mornay is a cheesy white sauce, cream based, akin to a béchamel with shredded cheese. Add some fragrant aromatics like garlic and shallots, a drop of sherry to amplify and some thyme for herby top-notes and you're left with one of the best celebratory meals there is, perfect for Christmas and special occasions.

Pink peppermint candy cane ice cream on a plate with whole candycanes

Thermomix Peppermint Candy Cane Ice Cream

Our blush pink Peppermint Candy Cane Ice Cream is perfect to use up any leftover candy canes you may have lingering after the festive season. During the week between Christmas and New Year, where indulgence is still permissible and leftovers aplenty, this recipe will takes some of that lounging time off your hands and leaves you with an appealing and refreshing dessert. The work is minimal but does require some chilling, so have a glance at your timing in ahead of time.

Tiny baked donut with a bite mark reveals fruity filling

Thermomix Christmas Baked Stuffed Donuts

These bite-sized Christmas Baked Stuffed Donuts are great for festive platters. The recipe makes twelve and results in soft, chewy donuts with a mince pie stye filling. The spices create the familiar Yuletide aromas and a splash of rum blends the flavors seamlessly. There is a little bit of assembly required, so make ahead of time and give yourself a generous hour to do so. The final touch is painting in simple syrup and rolling in caster sugar for the authentic donut experience.

Mini Christmass pudding served in a bowl drowned in cream with glace cherries on top

Thermomix Little Steamed Christmas Puds

These Thermomix Little Steamed Christmas Puds are perfect for hosting a Christmas dinner party. They're served individually, and can be left steaming for 45 minutes before serving immediately – so make the batter beforehand and simply pop them on 45 minutes before your final course. They make use of our Fruity Pear Mince recipe, and have the addition of dark chocolate for an extra layer of flavor, something your guests will definitely be curious about. Serve with cream or if you're feeing fancy, crème Anglaise.

Thick segments of dense dark panforte filled with nuts and fruits topped with powdered sugar

Thermomix My Forte, Panforte ~ Cake From Siena

Panforte is a dense and decadent fruit cake, one that puts all other fruit cakes to shame. It is filled with dark chocolate, crunchy nuts and sweet fruits, all for a textural and delightful cake. It's a great shake up for Christmas time as it's much less common than traditional puddings and much more suitable for an "event" dessert. We have the Italians to thank for this indulgent cake, so you can trust that is is unfalteringly delicious – buon appetito!

Inscribed silver bowl of festive nut chocolate and pretzel mix

Thermomix Festive Nut, Chocolate And Pretzel Mix

This sweet, salty and addictive Festive Nut, Chocolate and Pretzel Mix is the perfect treat to have in bowls dotted around the house when hosting. Even to have on hand for pre-dinner drinks or as a snack for movie night, you'll try it once and love it forever. You will need a stand mixer, or some serious upper-body strength to beat the egg whites, but other than that it's quite a simple and quick process.

Individual pots of nutty christmas crumble with almonds coconut marzipan

Thermomix Christmas Crumble

Crumbles usually come in two flavors – rhubarb or apple – and usually only come in one season – Summer. That's why our Christmas Crumble is such a unique Winter recipe, combining our Fruity Pear Mince recipe with a crunchy and appealing layer of almonds and marzipan. Served in individual pots, these are wonderful for hosting, or just a special December dessert. If you're not a fan of marzipan (it can be quite divisive) add in some rolled oats instead. Voilá!

Mini mince pie topped with marzipan star and powdered sugar

Thermomix Marzipan Stars

Our Marzipan Stars are the perfect crown for a mince pie, or serve well as a dainty decorative element to any baking – be it festive or otherwise. This recipe is a simple one for creating a coarse yet malleable putty, with which to add a sweet and nutty flavor to anything. Shape and decorate as you see fit, it's a great opportunity to tap into some creativity – as it will be delicious no matter what the end product looks like!

Strawberries blueberries and mint top a crunchy fluffy Christmas pavlova

Thermomix Merry Christmas Pavlova with Fresh Berries

The prep time on this recipe is just 15 minutes – the rest is impatiently waiting for your meringue to cool so you can fill it to the brim with whipped cream and fresh fruit. The Thermomix will create your meringue batter effortlessly, as will it whip your cream. Combine the respective ingredients for a seminal classic, one which we think is a regal Christmas dessert, but will do for any special occasion. Top tip: use our Salted Caramel Cream recipe for bonus points, and always choose seasonal fruits for best results.

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