Thermomix Easy Baking

Go back to basics with the easiest, most beloved baking recipes that are nothing but smooth sailing. This collection is perfect for budding bakers, kids, or busy parents. Take a relaxing journey into the sweeter side of Thermomix creations, and enjoy your stress-free baking!

Stack of pale yellow squares of crumbly traditional shortbread

Thermomix Traditional Shortbread

Try this Traditional Scottish Shortbread recipe in your Thermomix for festive snacks, delicious gifts and a classic tea time treat. This recipe is more about the technique than the ingredients, as all traditional shortbread recipes are done by ratio – 1:2:3 of sugar, butter and flour. Fantastic for beginners, kids and non-committal bakers, this recipe takes just 10 minutes to create with 20 minutes each of resting and baking, and only three ingredients. Make in batches for freezing (up to 3 months) or serve on an abundant Christmas platter.

Vicki Newton
Golden brown swirls of cinnamon rolls drizzled in white icing

Thermomix Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon Rolls come in many shapes and sizes, and vary in name and serving suggestions dependent on where you're eating them. Originally from Scandinavian cuisines where they top theirs with a thin, white icing to moisten the dough and compliment the cinnamon. In North America they opt for a more viscous, cream cheese based vanilla frosting – much more substantial! Wherever they are, they are hugely popular, and of course inspired this Thermomix recipe. Carve out about 3 hours for this recipe as the dough is leavened and needs to prove 3 times. Perfect for Sunday afternoons!

Vicki Newton
A brown and cinnamon specled tea cake with a perfect slice revealing yellow sponge

Thermomix Cinnamon Tea Cake

This wonderfully simple Thermomix Cinnamon Tea Cake recipe is, as it suggests, the perfect bite to share with a cup of tea. Its base is an uncomplicated sponge, with a sweetened cinnamon butter drizzle, that is absorbed when poured over top. The result is a comforting, fragrant cake that is great for those who are much less partial to saccharine desserts with oodles of icing. All of these ingredients should already be in your pantry, so you won't have to hunt them down in the shops, or even leave your house! If you have any leftover by the end, you can freeze it for up to 2 months.

A thin and crumbly chocolate cake topped with waves of buttercream icing

Thermomix Easy Chocolate Cake

Keep things simple with this delightfully Easy Chocolate Cake that will always come to mind in a fit of spontaneous baking. It's unfussy, quick and will please everyone. There is only 5 minutes of preparation time, so essentially this recipe is the bakers equivalent of a microwave mug cake – coming together in a flash with almost no effort. Top this with chocolate buttercream icing for a layer of sweetness and moisture, and serve.

Vicki Newton
Tall segments of browned lemon blueberry scones wth fluffy interiors

Thermomix Lemon Blueberry Scones

This Lemon Blueberry Scone recipe is perfect for a breakfast or afternoon snack, without really indulging in something cloyingly sweet. Plus, there's nothing really more satisfying than making your own scones, apart from eating them. The natural sweetness in the blueberries is counterbalanced well by the lemon rind, making it a perfect standalone treat for lunchboxes, or being dressed up with butter or cream at home. Your Thermomix will cut through the effort of kneading, so there's very little standing in between you and these delightful scones.

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Sweet pastry tart with butter yellow lemon custard filling dusted with sugar

Thermomix Classic Lemon Tart

Looking for a grown up dessert that won't cost you hours or cavities? Try this dreamy Thermomix Lemon Tart recipe, for a beautifully balanced, citrus dessert. The winning features include melt-in-your-mouth shortcrust pastry, and a silken lemon custard filling. Not to mention its pale yellow sheen and sophisticated presentation! It really doesn't look as simple as it is, so it's perfect for beginner bakers hoping to impress. If you're running short on time, swap the homemade pastry for frozen store-bought – no shame.

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Dense and fudgy chocolate mud cake layer creamy chocolate frosting served with fresh strawberries

Thermomix Chocolate Mud Cake

There are some occasions when the only thing that will do is a slice of comforting, moist chocolate cake. Some of those occasions include (but are not limited to) a broken heart, a birthday, a Sunday, or whenever you feel like nothing else will suffice. Grab your Thermomix and this Chocolate Mud Cake recipe because you need look no further. The preparation time will take you about 30 minutes, but you can expedite baking time by making this a layer cake and preparing the icing in the interim. You will soon find out that the less time between you and eating this cake, the better!

Bake Play Smile
Crumbly vanilla cake with perfect brown crust topped with pink buttercream icing

Thermomix Vanilla Cake

Vanilla Cake is a great place to start if you're looking for a sweet and simple treat to make – for a few reasons. The ingredients are few and likely to already be in your pantry, the washing up is minimal as it's a one bowl wonder, and it's exceedingly easy to make. Even if you're trying to ruin it, it's pretty much foolproof thanks to a Thermomix. Every childhood should have the sweet smell of cake wafting through it at regular intervals, and this recipe is the perfect way to ensure at least two minutes of silent munching and fond memories of happy birthdays.

A large rectangular rich chocolate tart with salt flakes cut into segments

Thermomix Chocolate Tart

Who said that elegance had to be hard won? Certainly not this Thermomix Chocolate Tart – that is, if a tart could speak. Its indulgent flavors and chic aesthetic really suggest a lot more time, effort and technicality that you will not find in this recipe. What you will find is a well balanced pairing of rich chocolate ganache, with some sea salt and a crispy encasing of short crust pastry. Not to mention time for relaxing or a glass of wine whilst your pastry chills. There isn't a better recipe for pared back sophistication.

Sophia's Kitchen
Airy and soft sponge cake sandwiches whipped cream and jam topped with fresh strawberries and grated chocolate

Thermomix Sponge Cake With Jam & Cream

Probably the most iconic of all cakes, Sponge Cake with Jam and Cream really does take the crown for how regal and visually pleasing it is. We couldn't have a collection that paid homage to simplicity and deliciousness without including a recipe for the classic sponge! The secret to executing this cake well is extracting your halves in wholes (tongue twister) from their tins; so never forget the following steps. Grease and line your tins, never overfill them (turn spare batter into cupcakes) and once finished, let them cool for 5 minutes right out of the oven, and then on to a wire rack.


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