Thermomix Breakfasts and Brunch

Our best Thermomix breakfast recipes for midweek mornings and lazy brunches. Guarantee yourself a productive workday with some nourishing homemade oatmeal, or luxuriate over brioche French toast with Swiss meringue on a slow Sunday.

Mini yorkshire pudding cups filled with egg bacon and spring onions

Thermomix Breakfast Yorkshires with Eggs and Bacon

These Breakfast Yorkshires with Eggs and Bacon are a playful rendition of some of the best elements of British and American cooking. The batter is surprisingly easy to whip up, so is suitable for an easy weekend breakfast. They take a little bit of finesse with the timing – so do follow the instructions a touch more rigidly than you would otherwise. Try first with our recommended prosciutto and chive mix, but don't hesitate to get creative on your future attempts to add your own personalised touch.

Thin savory crepe with golden brown patches topped with bright green herb mix and deep brown chorizo and frieg egg

Thermomix Savoury Chorizo And Egg Crepes

Try these Savoury Chorizo And Egg Crepes to change up your weekend morning routines. They're filling, flavorful and much more nutritionally substantial than some of their sweeter breakfast counterparts. Thin crepes are topped with an earthy, spicy chorizo and mushroom mix, accompanied by a herby and fragrant cheese mix. Crown it with a golden fried egg for a texturally exceptional breakfast that will keep you running on high until lunch.

Toasted naan with curried lentils and cream cheese topped with a golden runny egg chilli and toasted spices

Thermomix Curried Lentil Smash and Egg Naan Breakfast Roll

Cooking breakfast can be tedious when there seems to be such a limited number of fresh ideas. We're not saying french toast is bad (check out our incredible Brioche French Toast with Swiss Meringue recipe) but when you have cooking fatigue it's can be hard to get excited about it. This Curried Lentil Smash and Egg Naan Breakfast Roll is the cure to the overly-familiar recipes we eat so often. A savory dish that combines earthy flavors, bright creamy spread, and an abundance of fragrance topped with a classic breakfast ingredient – a perfectly cooked, runny golden egg. This will change your breakfasts forever.

Golden brown brioche french toast topped with soft white and browned meringue with fresh berriesand powdered sugar

Thermomix Brioche French Toast with Swiss Meringue

Claim your title of "Host with the most" after serving up this Brioche French Toast with Swiss Meringue. Nothing looks more regal than a caramel brown slice of thick toast, topped with a luxurious soft meringue and fresh berries tumbling around its peak. For any special breakfast, this will be your first port of call. Despite it being a showstopper, it is relatively pain-free, as the Thermomix takes care of the egg batter as well as the Swiss meringue. Magic.

Close up of butter yellow loose scrambled eggs with pepper chives and golden toast

Thermomix Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Making breakfast has never been so easy – all you need are eggs and a Thermomix. This all-in-one recipe for Perfect Scrambled Eggs yields the fluffiest, most golden eggs around. For those who are sensitive to textures, these come out perfectly in between loose and dry, and are sure to please any fussy eater. Season with fragrant chives and black pepper and serve with crunchy toast for the breakfast of champions (or hungry kids).

Small pink cups of prosciutto with golden egg topped with fresh rosemary

Thermomix Prosciutto Cups

Our Prosciutto Cups are a dainty, bite-sized riff on the classic breakfast pairing of bacon and egg. They're fun, and can be called up to the plate for a number of occasions, including offhanded cooking when you don't have the time to put on a show. The concept is simple; line a muffin tin with prosciutto, make your egg batter in your Thermomix, and add any toppings you fancy before baking for just 12 minutes. We went for olives and rosemary for a savory choice, but make them your own as per your taste!

Two slices of cheesy tomato bread with herbs one topped with sunny side up egg and chilli

Thermomix Indian Chilli Cheese Toast (Eggs Kejriwal)

Expand your breakfast horizons with this Indian Chilli Cheese Toast (or Eggs Kejriwal as they are known locally). They are a tangy, spicy and savory tonic to overly-sweet breakfasts that have become all too common. Make your cheese blend in the Thermomix, lightly fry some bread and place a sunny egg over top for a breakfast you won't forget quick. It's a dish that tastes like a lot more work goes into it, but really, it's a trouble-free breakfast for lazy mornings.

Individual tray of baked eggs in chilli tomato sauce with lime green avocado and charred flour tortillas

Thermomix Mexican Baked Eggs in Chilli Tomato Sauce

If you want to serve a lively breakfast that is equal parts fun and mouth-watering, try these Mexican Baked Eggs in Chilli Tomato Sauce. As the name suggests, they're baked eggs with a hot, spiced tomato sauce served with citrusy, smashed avocado and flour tortillas. As far as brunches go, this one will guarantee a spot on your top 10, if not be an immediate winner. There's a reason baked eggs have their place in cuisines across the globe.

Individual squares of chocolate covered puffed quinoa with shaved coconut

Thermomix Healthy Chocolate Crackle Slice

Looking for a healthy alternative for kids' after-school treats, birthday parties or even just Sunday baking? Look no further than these Healthy Chocolate Crackle Slices. Wonderfully reminiscent of a time when feeding children chocolate wasn't frowned upon, these conscious treats will still leave the kids smiling and parents considerably less concerned about teeth or the dreaded sugar rush. Substituting quinoa for cereal is the key, whilst using natural sugars compounds the virtue of this recipe.

Thin golden brown almond pancakes topped with yogurt coulis and fresh raspberries

Thermomix Gluten Free Overnight Almond Pancakes

The only real commitment this recipe requires is knowing in advance that you will want to eat them, hence their name: Gluten Free Overnight Almond Pancakes. Resting the batter overnight relaxes the almond-meal and thus enhances the texture, so it's a necessary evil. For those of you not familiar with pancakes, the first one is always terrible, so make sure to use just a small amount of precious batter before going on to your flawless sophomore attempt.

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