The Best Thermomix Desserts

Discover delicious Thermomix desserts for any occasion. Sweet little individual caramel pots to mark a gradution, salted caramel icecream to celebrate the first hot day of summer, or a creamy avocado chocolate mousse just because.

Pie dish with hot cross buns melted chocolate rasperries and powdered sugar

Thermomix Raspberry and Chocolate Hot Cross Bun Pudding

This Raspberry and Chocolate Hot Cross Bun Pudding recipe finds the perfect use for leftover hot cross buns at Easter. It can transform even the most stale of buns into a moist pudding, steeped in classic flavors like chocolate and raspberry, without being overwhelming or stodgy. All it really requires is placement and patience, as the sauce comes together quite rapidly in the Thermomix. Serve with any of our ice cream recipes for a truly gratifying dessert!

Terracotta colored scoops of Thai Tea Ice Cream served in a teacup and saucer

Thermomix Thai Tea Ice Cream

This Thai Tea Ice Cream is filled with fragrant spices that give it a depth of flavor – bold enough to serve as a dessert in its own right. As a unique and refreshing accompaniment to a dessert, this is a great choice too. Even pour a shot of espresso over a scoop for a spruced-up Affogato. Star anise is the distinctive and warming spice at the front of this flavor profile, reminiscent of Indian Chai and iced Thai teas. An unforgettable flavor for ice cream!

Individual glass pot with homemade yoghurt and with a base of coulis

Thermomix Pot Set Yoghurt

This Pot Set Yoghurt is a recipe for those who are particular about textures – it's much firmer than store bought yoghurts. It makes for a wonderful canvas for granola, muesli and of course our Passionfruit Coulis recipe. Prep time is minimal, and cooking time requires only to place in the oven and wait, so there's almost nothing holding you back from using your Thermomix to get the perfectly dense and creamy yoghurt. The ideal ingredient for a light and wholesome breakfast.

Three truncated cones of sticky date pudding served beside jar of homemade caramel sauce

Thermomix Classic Sticky Date Puddings with Caramel Sauce

Sticky toffee pudding is a classic dessert that hails from England, and has found its way into many cuisines; and as such, is an iconic dessert, beloved by many. Our Classic Sticky Date Puddings with Caramel Sauce is a familiar homage – a moist and sweet cake-like pot of warmth for winter months. Pair it with any of our Thermomix ice cream recipes and you won't make another dessert again! The benefit of steaming in the Thermomix preserves the moisture and luxurious texture. Go the whole hog and make your own caramel sauce (but store bought will suffice, too).

Golden Turmeric Latte Chocolate Bars are bright yellow with shredded coconut on top

Thermomix Golden Turmeric Latte Chocolate Bars

If you would like to try your hand as an amateur confectioner, or simply have treats in the house that are transparent in their ingredients, look no further than our Golden Turmeric Latte Chocolate Bars. These marigold colored slices are made with white chocolate, and get their striking color from turmeric and their enchanting flavor from cardamom. Shockingly easy to create, these bars are a sophisticated dessert to have on hand for when you're feeling indulgent, or want to impress.

Individual tartlet of raw key lime pie topped with cream

Thermomix Raw Key Lime Pie

These Raw Key Lime Pie are a virtuous reimagining of a classic, made easy with a Thermomix. Instead of pastry, there is a nut blend in its place, with salty notes and natural sweetness from maple syrup. The filling, too, is a healthy blend of lime and maple syrup, with the secret ingredient being avocado for creaminess and iconic green vibrancy. Prep time is minimal, with just an hour of freezing necessary before serving. You'll never look back!

Shortcrust pastry flan of lime and raspberry filling with fresh raspberries and lime zest

Thermomix Lime Raspberry Flan

This Lime Raspberry Flan has all the hallmarks of a quintessential Summer dessert - light and citrusy with fresh fruit. Flan is made with a custard base – similar to creme Anglaise, then infused with flavor. This recipe uses a Thermomix to create the vanilla and lime custard, poured over frozen raspberries and baked, garnished with fresh raspberries. The result is a sweet and tart tang, with crumbly pastry that need not be served with anything else!

Thin layers of caramelised white chocolate bark pistachios and dried raspberries

Thermomix Caramelized White Chocolate Bark

Impress friends, family and colleagues with a deceptively simple recipe for Caramelized White Chocolate Bark. By slow cooking the white chocolate, it changes the sugar's structure and transforms into a crunchy brittle, prime for hosting any nuts or berries that tickle your fancy. Balance with a sprinkle of sea salt, but go ahead and experiment with any nuts or textural ingredients you think work well with white chocolate. The result is a pretty slab of brittle that wouldn't be out of place in a chic Parisian confectioner's!

Ramekins of mint chocolate fudge puddings are topped with melted chocolate sauce

Thermomix Mint Chocolate Fudge Puddings

Chocolate and mint are a famed combination that somehow radiates elegance. These Mint Chocolate Fudge Puddings are a wonderful way to end a dinner party, and will serve 8. If there are, however, naysayers to this famed combination, it is the sauce not the batter that is minty, so offering an alternative (see: our Salted Caramel Cream recipe) will do the trick. Prep time on this is so short that you can even make these after dinner and not miss too much conversation.

Cake stand of chocolate cinnamon swiss meringues with chocolate swirls and fresh strawberries

Thermomix Chocolate Cinnamon Swiss Meringues

Making meringues has never been so easy. Take full advantage of your Thermomix and make our Chocolate Cinnamon Swiss Meringues. These crunchy, crispy treats are brought to new heights with the addition of dark chocolate, and spiced with cinnamon and vanilla. They have an attractive marbled effect as the chocolate is swirled in right before baking, and act as a great standalone dessert, or as a base for Pavlova or Eton Mess.

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