Simple Thermomix Party Food

Try these easy treats you can make with your Thermomix for the best snack platters and party food! There’s nothing like a beautiful spread of homemade finger food to impress your guests, from mini pesto chicken pies to easy pizza scrolls.

Charred baguette smeared with chicken liver pate mousse topped with an olive

Thermomix Chicken Liver Pate Mousse

Chicken Liver Pate Mousse is a mainstay of Christmas cuisine, and making your own elevates its revered status even further. You may be surprised to see, that with the aid of your Thermomix, making it at home is far easier than suspected. This rich and creamy spread is the perfect starter for a luxurious festive meal. Surprisingly, it is a one-pot-wonder, that needs just a short time to cool before serving. Serve with oiled and toasted baguette for an authentically indulgent experience.

Breaded Polish stuffed eggs with golden crumbs seasoned with red paprika

Thermomix Polish Stuffed Eggs

These Polish Stuffed Eggs are traditionally served at Easter time, but are too good to confine to just once a year. Eggs are boiled and halved, to be filled with flavorful stuffing; then breaded and baked. In this particular recipe, we elected for salty prosciutto, cheddar cheese and English mustard, bound by sour cream. The result is a loaded boat of cheesy, creamy eggy goodness that is bursting with flavor. Season with some paprika for a dash of color and heat.

Individual golden puffed pastries encase herbed chicken topped with thyme

Thermomix Chicken Sausage Toad in the Hole

Behold our very own version of Toad in the Hole with a chicken sausage as opposed to the more traditional pork filling. These herby little clouds of puff pastry are crunchy and more-ish, with a moist and savory filling. They work well with any kind of meat to suit your tastes, so if you enjoy the idea don't be afraid to experiment. They take under an hour to make so be sure to reach for this recipe when you want comfort food without toiling over a hot stove!

Savory scrolls of pastry ooze marinara topped with grated parmesan and basil

Thermomix Pizza Scrolls

These homely Pizza Scrolls are dressed-down finger food for the family and guests. One of the few foods that somehow perfectly straddles the needs of hungry kids or party guests, the sweet and chewy nature of these treats will have everyone asking for seconds. When your scrolls are set up in the baking dish, experiment with additional toppings like bacon, vegetables or cheeses pushed into the crevices of each roll. This way you can add exciting variety to each one or cater for different tastes.

Shallow rectangular tart filled with speck cherry tomatoes and cheese

Thermomix Speck and Cheese Tart with Cherry Tomatoes

This Speck and Cheese Tart with Cherry Tomatoes is a simple recipe that is both speedy and versatile. Whether you want to eat it hot for dinner, cold for lunch or take it with you to a picnic, it will be perfectly suitable. The four cheeses add dimensions of flavor and texture; whilst speck will bring some saltiness and the tomatoes freshness. This recipe will come in handy for many occasions and tastes.

Slits in crispy golden brown pastries reveal green pesto and chicken filling

Thermomix Pesto Chicken Pies

These Pesto Chicken Pies are the perfect single serving treat. They are culinary chameleons that fit any occasion; be it dinner, hosting guests or even lunch. This recipe is somewhere happily in between a sausage roll and a meat pie – more substantial than the former but lighter than the latter. The pesto and chicken filling will happen almost of its own accord in the Thermomix, so just roll out your (store bought or homemade) pastry in the meantime, and don't forget the egg-wash as that will give a luxurious golden finish.

Green pumpkin seed salsa garnished with sea salt and pumpkin seeds

Thermomix Pumpkin Seed Salsa

Whilst this Pumpkin Seed Salsa isn't visually astounding, it packs a punch when it comes to taste. Deceptively spicy, the pumpkin seeds give it a misleading seaweed color that covers up the tomato base and fresh chillis. Bring this salsa to co-star in any Mexican recipe - be it enchiladas, quesadillas, or even as a dipping sauce for tortilla chips. A unique sauce to have in your fridge that proves there is more than meets the eye!

Green pesto served in a mahogany bowl with pine nuts and a chunk of parmesan

Thermomix Hey Pesto!

There is a lot to be said for those who tackle pesto in the traditional mortar and pestle method; but for those who have time constraints and limited upper-body strength, this Thermomix pesto recipe is for you. Giving you the same delightful flavors in ten minutes, this recipe triumphs over store-bought alternatives and grinding pine nuts for hours. Toast the nuts before adding them to the Thermomix for extra-rich flavor, and stream the oil slowly for a creamier texture. Ten minutes later – Hey Pesto!

Circular corn chips fill a bowl with guacamole and salsa on the side

Thermomix Homemade Corn Chips

Corn chips are a staple at any party, for munching on and using as a vehicle for the array of other dips and sauces. Why not try your hand at making your own? Not only will the freshness be worth it, but they're surprisingly painless and will win you bragging rights of best host. Your Thermomix will do all of mixing; all that will be left is to craft your dough into rounds and bake.

Single serving orange smokey ricotta cakes garnished individually with pine nuts

Thermomix Smokin Savoury Ricotta Cakes

These cheesy Smokin' Savoury Ricotta Cakes give the impression that significantly more work goes into them than does. Perfect for impressing guests when on a tight time-budget. Bake these in muffin tins to yield about 18 crunchy, gooey rounds. Smoked cheese of any kind will be the key flavor, enhanced subtly by lime zest and scallion. Serve them with any kind of dips, but make sure you have some first as they aren't guaranteed to last long as soon as guests arrive!

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