Nourishing Thermomix Soups

Make a warming bowl of soup with very little effort with these easy Thermomix soup recipes. From cheap and cheerful tomato soup, to dinner-party worthy soup with chorizo and scallops, find your new favorite here.

Bowl of thick chickpea minestrone soup served with charred bread and fresh basil

Hearty Chickpea Minestrone with Pesto

This Hearty Chickpea Minestrone Soup is an endlessly delicious vegan soup to have on your rotation if you cater for any non-meat eaters regularly. Chickpeas are high in protein and leave you full for hours, whilst the warming tomato base is perfect for carrying the herbs and vegetables. This recipe can't be beaten for lunch or dinner on a cold Winter's eve. It can be frozen for future use as well, or kept for lunches next day. Unbeatable!

Two small bowls filled with strawberry and rhubarb dessert soup with scoops of vanilla ice cream

Thermomix Strawberry and Rhubarb Dessert Soup

Dessert soup is the sweet sister of gazpacho, and the kooky cousin of smoothies. Wherever you place it on the culinary family tree, this eccentric recipe for Strawberry and Rhubarb Dessert Soup will make you care less about labels. Serve in Summer when rhubarb is in season to get the best flavor from your ingredients, with a sweet and tart interplay between it and the strawberries. Top with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream for the final touch.

Bowl of thick pink beetroot soup with ginger and five spice served with plain yoghurt

Thermomix Gingered Five Spice Beetroot Soup

Come for the color and stay for the taste! This Gingered Five Spice Beetroot Soup recipe is a compelling one, both visually as well as the distinctive flavor that only beetroot brings – tangy, earthy and intriguing all at once. Along with a healthy amount of ginger and five spice, you will be captivated by this quirky recipe. It's a surefire way to impress at a dinner party, just make sure nobody wears white.

Bowl of mustard colored prawn and coconut laksa with noodles lime and fresh chilli

Thermomix Fragrant Prawn and Coconut Laksa

Laksa is a dish native to Southeast Asia, one that's main characteristics are noodles, spicy coconut broth and white meat. For this Thermomix recipe, we chose to make a Fragrant Prawn and Coconut Laksa. Some of the ingredients will take a little bit of advanced notice, as you may not have curry leaves or galangal to hand, but it's worth it for the result. Think of an addictively bright and spicy bowl of noodles, with richness and depth that makes your nose water as you slurp up its broth and try to avoid dribbles on your shirt.

Bowl of appetizing curried coconut chicken soup served with lime parsley and bean sprouts

Thermomix Curried Coconut Chicken Soup

This Curried Coconut Chicken Soup is incredibly appetising and hearty – not a soup that leaves you unsatisfied, but one that leaves you full to the brim yet still wanting seconds. There is no correlation between the time this takes to prepare and how much you enjoy it; as it takes just 25 minutes between cooking and serving, yet is guaranteed to become a staunch family favorite. Its appetizing flavor comes from aromatics, crunchy vegetables and umami seasoning all with a velvety base from coconut cream. Customise as you wish with any additional vegetables for a soup that epitomizes "nutritious and delicious."

Bowls of rust brown mexican soup with meatballs avocado fresh lime and polenta

Thermomix Mexican Meatball Soup

This Mexican Meatball Soup recipe is a godsend for hungry bellies tired of the the standard fare. This meal is almost an event unto itself, and should be used to draft in little hands to shape and make the homemade meatballs before baking. The rest is quite simple, creating the tomato base for the soup and combining in the Thermomix. Make sure you don't leave out the bay leaf as that will bring a flavor you didn't realise you're missing until you forgot it!

Bowl of brothy brown french onion soup topped with rye bread and molten cheese

Thermomix French Onion Soup

French Onion Soup is the Grandfather of all soups – an inimitable classic, treasured across the world by fine diners and home cooks alike. One of the greatest barriers to creating a traditional French Onion Soup is the preparation time needed to achieve true caramelisation, and to draw out the depth of the savory flavors that usually need hours to come forth. This Thermomix recipe takes less than an hour and produces the same, salty and umami broth that is adored across the globe. Serve with toasted, cheesy bread and never think twice about making it again!

Large white bowl of brown brothy soup with chicken zucchini carrots and herbs

Thermomix Chicken Zoodle Soup

Chicken noodle soup is long famed as a medicinal and comforting broth – and so we created a low-carb, vegetable based Thermomix friendly iteration – Chicken Zoodle Soup. Lightweight yet filling, thanks to all of the vegetables, this recipe is perfect for a rainy day, or when immunity is low and needs a boost. Freeze or refrigerate for future uses, and don't be afraid to add potatoes or thick, crusty bread for something a little more substantial.

Bowl of brothy tortilla and chicken soup served with slices of avocado and chilli

Thermomix Tortilla Chicken Soup

It's rare that soup can be textural and exciting with each spoonful, but our Tortilla Chicken Soup has crunch and quality unlike a lot of pureed soups. Pulling inspiration from Mexican flavors and ingredients, this is an aromatic recipe with plenty of heat and spice. As it is a broth based soup, it can work for Summer evenings or Winter lunches, and is completed by serving with toppings like avocado, tortillas (of course) and sour cream. A fiesta in a bowl!

Savoury dulse and miso soup served in an ornate blue china mug

Thermomix Dulse and Miso Soup

Dulse, for those unfamiliar, is a type of seaweed that is local to the Atlantic Ocean, and gets its name from Ireland, where it is used in both food and medicine. That's why our Dulse and Miso Soup is packed with antioxidants and makes for an earthy and healthful lunch. With plenty of protein from tofu, don't skip this soup as it provides a nutritional boost as well as a warming, umami meal.

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