No-bake Thermomix Desserts

Explore the world of no-bake Thermomix desserts; a curated selection of easy recipes that require little time, few ingredients and almost no advanced prep. Ditch the oven and get creative, from fluffy pancakes to truffles or homemade donuts. You won’t find a collection of simpler, convenient sweet treats to try!

Mini vanilla custard tarts encased in foil topped with fresh raspberries

Easy Thermomix Vanilla Custard

Custard is a relic of old-world style of baking and desserts that's managed to hang on into modern times, mostly because of how delicious it is. It remains relevant for serving with pies, tarts and puddings, and is infinitely more accessible with the help of a tool like a Thermomix. It's incredibly simple and showcases perfectly the immeasurable difference between homemade and store-bought, and just how superior the former can be, even with the simplest of recipes. Enjoy a rich and creamy topping in minutes!

Colorful pots of creamy chocolate custard

Thermomix Chocolate Custard

This Chocolate Custard recipe (Americans, read: pudding) is unbeatable when you know that your kids will want dessert, but you don't want to give them store-bought sweets or slave over another meal at the end of the day. May we present the ultimate solution to your conundrum: 8 minutes, 6 ingredients and 1 Thermomix. Combine all of your ingredients in one pot, cook for 8 minutes and serve however you like – dressed up with fruits and toppings, or dressed down with a spoon, right out of the bowl. Either way, you will have the sweet sound of silence thanks to this easy recipe.

Glass of pale yellow mango smoothie with a colorful straw

Thermomix Mango Smoothie

Smoothies perfectly straddle the needs of a sweet tooth and a refreshing drink, somehow without being classified as neither a dessert nor a meal. Their appeal really comes from their ease and ability to incorporate fresh, seasonal fruits — we love mango, as seen in this recipe — and please pretty much everyone at the table. For extra hot days, or when you've made too much, pour any excess into popsicle moulds and freeze for a refreshing treat.

Charoal colored licorice ice cream melts in an aluminium container

Thermomix Licorice Ice Cream

There are some things that can't be beaten nor faked – and French style, custard based ice cream is one of them. What should be reserved for pastry chefs or those who have trained is democratized by a Thermomix, allowing everyone at home to try and recreate their favorite recipes. This recipe for Licorice Ice Cream is a velvety and rich dessert, that requires a little bit of care to execute, but is well worth the effort. Surprisingly, it won't take up too much of your time, so don't hesitate to give it a whirl (literally).

Thermo Kitchen
Single scoops of tropical mango and lime sorbet with flecks of mint

Thermomix Mango Sorbet With Mint And Lime

Give your desserts a tropical makeover with this fragrant and flavorful Mango Sorbet with Mint and Lime. A truly dazzling and unique dessert that's perfect for hot Summer's evenings, when the heat has you feeling full and in need of refreshment. The only fresh ingredients you will need are mint and lime, so can be made with little to no thought in advance! Frozen mangoes mean you can eat this straight from the bowl, however we do recommend crockery and a spoon.

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Tin of sugar coated golden brown donuts leaking ruby jam

Thermomix Jam Donuts

These Thermomix Jam Donuts are a simple homage to a classic treat that's popular with all ages, known loved in its many different forms across the globe. This rendition keeps things simple with an airy, yeast dough that's fried and piped full of sweet raspberry jam (or any that takes your fancy). This is a great beginners recipe for a first foray into donut making, as Sophia has included some trade secrets that are imperative to success. There is resting time to allow your dough to prove, so make sure you have plenty of time and activities in between. They're worth it, we promise.

Sophia's Kitchen
Rugged balls of chocolate oreo truffles with cookie crumble

Thermomix Oreo Truffles

Switch up your dessert routine with these fun and indulgent Oreo Truffles. These tiny balls are bursting with richness, all you will need is one or two to satisfy a sweet tooth. Individual globes of chocolate and cream cheese get a little bit of texture from the cookies, which makes them the perfect addition to any platter and a winning submission at a potluck! They're great for busywork when feeling creative with kids, and truly are an all-rounder. Setting time is 1 hour, so make a batch in advance, chill and enjoy.

Tall slice of creamy tiramisu dusted with cocoa

Thermomix Tiramisu

What can you make when you have only 15 minutes of prep time, some coffee, creamy Italian mascarpone and sweet spongy biscuits? It couldn't be anything other than this incredible Thermomix Tiramisu, inspired by one of Italy's finest exports! This quick, no-bake dessert gives off sophisticated vibes, perfect for a dinner party. Cooking the egg yolks means that those with particular dietary requirements who might usually be excluded can enjoy this light and flavorful treat too. A winner for everyone; chef and diners alike!

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Glass full of pink strawberry ice cream topped with fresh strawberry

Skinnymixer’s Strawberries & Cream Instant Icecream

Ice cream has been a much beloved dessert since long before the advent of freezers, and still to this day remains a favourite of many. Such a flexible treat, it can be the main event or a demure side, indulgent or light, even bordering on healthy. With the latter in mind, this Thermomix Strawberries & (Ice) Cream was created. You won't find an easier dessert with such broad appeal. Use frozen strawberries and a milk of your choice (non-dairy for vegans or lactose intolerant) and sweeten with honey or agave to taste. Kids won't tell the difference, even if you tell them!

Stack of thick and airy golden brown pancakes

Self-Raising Flour Pancakes

These dreamy, airy pancakes will please even the pickiest of eaters. They are, as pancakes always are, delicious and super versatile for whatever flavors you may want to add. Additionally, this recipe makes it it nothing short of effortless to bring together — so why not make your morning extra special (or give your afternoon snack a fun reimagining) in less than 20 minutes? Combine all ingredients in your Thermomix, mix and fry – serve with your favourite toppings like bacon, strawberries, whipped cream and maple syrup.


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