Homemade Thermomix Breads

The Thermomix is a bread-maker’s best friend and these Thermomix bread recipes are such to become quick favorites. Fill your home with the intoxicating aroma of freshly baked bread, from crusty French baguettes to spicy, cheesy pull-apart bread.

Yellow rounds of cumin flatbreads with patterned browning

Thermomix Cumin Flatbread

The best thing about this Cumin Flatbread recipe (aside from the taste, obviously) is the time it doesn't need to rise. Just 35 minutes of your day can be used towards crafting unbeatably versatile and flavorful flatbreads, to serve alongside soups and salads, as wraps, or to mop up the sauce in any main course. Best served hot, these soft and chewy rounds will be sure to compliment any lunch or dinner.

Orange brown rounds of pull apart vegan dinner rolls topped with sesame seeds

Thermomix Vegan Turmeric Dinner Rolls

Vegan Turmeric Dinner Rolls are an all-rounder when it comes to bread recipes for your Thermomix. With a golden-yellow hue, soft and semi-sweet, and staying power (fresh for about a week) there is very little you won't love about them. When you're gathering your ingredients you'll see that they're packed full of spices, which will give hints of flavors to come. Feel free to adjust how sweet you want them by lowering the sugar amount too, but make sure to include just a touch so that the spices will shine through.

Thick crusted crostata with bacon cheese and olives garnished with fresh thyme

Thermomix Breakfast Crostata

Crostata is an Italian baked tart or pie, that we have reworked with the help of a Thermomix to create something akin to a breakfast pizza. A unique perspective on weekend breakfast, take 2 hours or so to make and prove your dough, and top with any number of your favorite ingredients. Here we chose salty prosciutto, tangy olives and melty brie to make for a wonderfully savory delight.

Baking tray of mini loaves of golden brown soft potato rolls

Thermomix Soft Potato Rolls

Our Soft Potato Rolls are sweet and squishy, not too far off from brioche (we have a recipe for that, too). The starch in the potatoes renders them tacky and pliable, and they can be shaped however you please – think loaf tins, like in the picture, or little baked rolls. Brush them with some melted butter when they come out of the oven for a comforting little treat. They still require a few hours for expanding, as there is active yeast to make them fluffy.

Pale golden twist of lacquered Swiss butter bread

Thermomix Swiss Butter Bread Braid

Probably the country's most famous culinary export in the baking department, Swiss Butter Bread Braids are a nationally and internationally adored. With milk and butter, the texture is soft and sweeter than normal loaves, and an egg wash gives it an inviting sheen, like a lacquer when finished baking. It's a great beginner's recipe, as it's a touch more straightforward and significantly less involved than some of our other advanced bread recipes. Get baking!

Floured loaf of nutty sourdough served with nutty and herbed butter

Thermomix Cheat’s Sourdough

Any chance that recently, you have seen hordes of people making their own sourdough bread? Have you been as shocked by the time and commitment they have displayed towards their starter? Us too. That's why we made a Cheat's Sourdough recipe to ease you into the big bad world of bread baking. There are some tricks here that you can't miss, so make sure you read the recipe step by step, and don't be afraid to try again. After all, practice makes perfect.

A wound floury loaf of rosemary and pink salt bread

Thermomix Rosemary And Pink Salt Loaf

You know you have reached the ultimate home cook status when you turn your hand to baking bread. Luckily, you have a Thermomix on your side to make this challenge a little easier, and the motivation of a fluffy, fragrant loaf to tuck into at the end of it all. If you find yourself wanting a moderate challenge and with a little time on your hands, this is the recipe for you.

Two concentric circles of blonde rosemary bread rolls baked as one

Thermomix Rosemary Buttermilk Roll Wreath

This soft and pliable Rosemary Buttermilk Roll Wreath is ultra comforting and absolutely addictive. Rosemary brings a hint of savoury fragrance to the dough, making it perfect for serving with mains that need mopping up. A great addition to the Christmas dinner menu, serve as a centrepiece and let guests tear off their own portions. This will take some time for the yeast to rise, but only until about doubled in size, so keep an eye on it.

A wicker basket filled with soft pale buttermilk rolls

Thermomix Soft Buttermilk Rolls

These Soft Buttermilk Rolls are the perfect bread for little hands and mouths, as they are marshmallow-soft and great for on the go. Making them requires a little time commitment, as any of our bread recipes do, to account for the time the yeast will take to rise the bread – in baker's lingo this process is called "proving". The buttermilk breaks down the gluten (kneading it stretches it and makes it chewy) to leave you with pillowy little clouds of bread.

Two sticks of golden French baguettes served with three different herbed butters

Thermomix Perfect French Baguettes

Nothing beats the Perfect French Baguettes that have made themselves a staple of supermarkets and shops across the world. With a crispy crust and fluffy inside, there's no end to the uses and enjoyment of baguettes. We made our very own Thermomix recipe to help you get the perfect crusty and chewy bread at home. The trick to these is steaming them before they go into the oven, so set aside about 3 hours to get them exactly right. Serve with any ingredients – they welcome and enhance really anything you can imagine.

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