Comforting Thermomix Pasta Recipes

Delicious pasta recipes from homemade pasta to family lasagne. Get dinner on the table fast with an easy pasta salad or make the most of your pantry with a classic, filling pasta bake.

Bowls of dressed pasta salad with tomatoes olives fresh basil and parmesan

Thermomix Faster Pasta Salad

Pasta salad has many different faces, but is universally appreciated as a hassle-free and tasty meal. We focused on function for this recipe whist not compromising on taste, so consider this a fantastic weeknight dinner (that happily works as lunches the next day). Simply cook your pasta, make the dressing in the Thermomix, and add your toppings and you're set. A pro-tip for those who have a few extra seconds to spare: whilst you're blending your ingredients for the dressing, slowly stream in the olive oil for a thicker and more creamy dressing.

Small ramekins of baked pasta with pumpkin spinach and ricotta are served individually

Thermomix Pumpkin, Ricotta and Spinach Pasta Bake

Easy cheesy pasta bake! A great kid-friendly dinner that you can covertly sneak in some extra veggies to. It doesn't need many ingredients but requires a little extra time for roasting the veg; however this may even come in handy for homework assistance in the interim. If you're keen to skip the pasta, cauliflower is a great replacement or even diced potatoes will do. A simple, hearty dinner that doesn't need too much thinking about.

Yellow gnocci in a deep brown butter sauce with sage leaves and grated parmesan

Thermomix Ricotta Gnocchi with Browned Butter & Sage

When you want to go all in on a cooking challenge, why not make your own gnocci? Leverage your Thermomix to help create Ricotta Gnocchi with Browned Butter & Sage. There are 2 hours of cooling once you make the dough, but besides that, this recipe won't ask too much of your time. Once you have triumphed in making pasta from scratch, a simple sage and browned butter sauce is all that's left, so take care and keep it on a low heat so that you don't fall at the last hurdle. The result is a rich and sumptuous meal.

Cross section of orange brown and cream layers of lasagne stacked high garnished with fresh basil

Thermomix Family Lasagne

Lasagne is always worth the effort - the sense of achievement and the taste are second to none. The symphony of browned meat, tangy tomato and creamy cheese has made this, perhaps, Italy's most famous culinary export. Whether you like a crunchy edges, or the next-day leftovers, everyone has a place in their heart for lasagne. The Thermomix cuts out some of the more challenging work for this recipe, and the result is a generous, family style lasagne that has all the hallmarks we know and love. We have added in some extra vegetables for additional nutrients as well, so it's a win-win!

Golden yellow sheets of pasta hang to dry on a wooden pole

Thermomix Easy Homemade Pasta

Discover the joy that is making your own pasta with our Easy Homemade Pasta recipe. Nothing beats the sense of accomplishment and triumph after creating pasta from scratch. Take just three ingredients: flour, egg and salt, and transform them in your Thermomix. The freshness will remind you of restaurant quality meals – even if you don't get the texture right the first time. You can freeze the dough, but be careful when cooking as it will be much quicker than dried pasta. Just 2 or so minutes, keep an eye on it and serve to an enraptured audience.

Twists of pasta covered in creamy green artichoke parmesan pasta with cherry tomatoes and artichoke hearts

Thermomix Trofie Pasta with Artichoke Parmesan Pesto

Cooking fatigue is real and we are here to help. Our Trofie Pasta with Artichoke Parmesan Pesto will come to the rescue when nobody else will! Troife is a shape of pasta, thin little twists that hail from Northern Italy. When they're drowned in our smooth, herby and tangy sauce, they are absolutely delicious – that said, any kind of pasta will work for this. Whilst artichoke hearts may not call to you on the page, take a leap of faith with this recipe for an unusually delicious meal that will likely make it to your hall of fame recipes.

A side view of a leafy noodle salad with mango avocado and blackened chicken

Thermomix Chicken Mango And Noodle Salad

This Chicken Mango and Noodle Salad pulls inspiration from Eastern Asian cuisine. The inclusion of lemongrass, fish sauce and Chinese cabbage is a nod to some staple ingredients that take credit for some of their most delicious meals. This lightning-fast salad can be served hot or cold, and so makes well for lunches as well as easy Summertime dinners. The inclusion of noodles will keep you full, whilst the umami and fragrant dressing will compensate against the sweetness of fresh mango.

Yellow pasta red sausage and green sage served in a deep white bowl

Thermomix Orecchiette Pasta with Italian Sausage and Sage

A fabulous quality of pasta is that it can be simultaneously simple and delicious, and take up very little of your time to prepare (and eat). Considering times that you need something substantial in a flash, our Orecchiette Pasta with Italian Sausage and Sage recipe will do the job and do it well. Depending on the sausage, this dish can be spicy too, so if you have a spicy sausage, don't forget some mellow goat's cheese on top.

Oval baking dish holds golden brown creamy Greek pasta bake

Thermomix Creamy Greek Pasta Bake

This family style Creamy Greek Pasta Bake is similar to mac and cheese, in that its two main ingredients are pasta and cheese. However, with the aid of a Thermomix, we took something good and made it better. Adding in aromatic garlic and onion, blended with fresh parsley and a cream sauce, enhanced with a drop of lemon juice remixes an often dreary and "samey" dish. Top with olives and cherry tomatoes, and another layer of cheese for a gooey and comforting meal that will instantly fill bellies.

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